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This is the Construct. It's our loading program. We can load anything... From clothing to equipment, weapons, training simulations; anything we need.

“This is the Construct. It’s our loading program. We can load anything… From clothing to equipment, weapons, training simulations; anything we need.” ―Morpheus, on the Construct

A Construct is a virtual work space or “loading program” created to run simulations or upload virtual objects for whenever Zion operatives hack into the Matrix.

Created by Resistance members, a Construct initially appears as a dimension-less, empty white arena. Once a program is loaded, however, the Construct’s simulated reality is generally indistinguishable from that of the Matrix, and it follows the same basic rules of physics. It comes with an integrated decoder (unlike the Matrix itself), which allows the activity in a simulation to be watched on the operator’s monitors in the same manner a security guard can watch a closed-circuit security camera feed[1]. People do not need to dress in the Construct; their RSI is prepared or accessible before they enter the work area.

Morpheus used the Construct to educate Neo on the truth about the Matrix, showing him what the Earth actually looked like in the present time. Not long after, he challenged Neo to “show (him)” the skills he had learned via uploads, using a pair of simulations to assess Neo’s progress. Later, in preparation for rescuing Morpheus from agents in a heavily-fortified government building, Neo and Trinity entered the Construct to gather the weapons and bombs needed for their rescue mission.

Mouse used the Construct in a less wholesome fashion, mostly for sexual encounters with the Woman in Red, who he created. Thadeus and Jue of the Osiris combined business and pleasure in their Sparring program, while Cis had her loyalty tested while in her favorite simulation. The Construct can be seen in Enter the Matrix when Niobe and Ghost prepare to retrieve the emergency message from the Osiris, as well as when Ghost readies to spar with Trinity. It also makes an appearance in The Matrix: Path of Neo.

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