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Cyberpunk Dictionary

by Gary Astleford

A.A.A. – Anti-aircraft artillery.

ACE KOOL – (gang) Best friend. Back-up.

A.C.P.A. – Assisted Combat Personal Armor.

ACQUIRE – To locate and successfully lock on to a target with guided or linked weapons.

ADAM HENRY – (cop) Phonetic alphabet for “Ass Hole”.

AGENT MAN – LEDiv officer.

AGRIPLEX – An agglomeration of farms with one central management complex. A modern day capitalist collective farm.

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence; a computer with full self awareness.

ALIEN – Derogatory earther term for someone who lives in space (a highrider).

AMMO – Ammunition.

AMPED-OUT – Fatigue after being under the influence of amphetamines and certain combat drugs.

APERTURE-BASED – Very low quality, referring to ACPA with no VRI. The term is often used to make crude sexual innuendoes.

A.P.F.S.D.S. – Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot.

A.P.I. – Armor Piercing, Incendiary.

APOGEE – The best. The greatest.

ARC – An arcology.

BADGE ON A BEAVER – A female officer.

BAG JOB – Surreptitious entry, usually to copy or remove material.

BAG MAN – A fixer or fence.

BAKED – Burned.

BAKUTO – (Jap.) Gambler.

B.A.M.A. – Boston-Atlantic Metropolitan Axis.

BANDIT – An enemy aircraft.

BATMAN AND ROBIN – Two officers in a patrol car.

B&E – Breaking and Entering.

BEAT THE RAP – To get acquitted.

BELCHER – An informer.

BELIEVER – A dead person.

BENJI – A robohound.

BENNIE – An out-of-towner.

BIG DARK – Space.

BIG HATS – State police.

BIKE – A motorcycle.

BIZ – Crime.

BLACK OPERATIONS – Illegal or secret missions.

BLADE – A knife.

BLEEDER – An extortionist.

BLOC – A cartel composed of Orbital concerns with similar capabilities and interests, i.e., the Aerospace Bloc, the Pharmaceutical Bloc, etc.

BLUEBOY – Local or state police.

BOAT – A submarine, no matter how large.

BODY BANK – A medical center that specializes in storing, preserving, and growing spare body parts.

BOGA – (Span.) Vogue, that which is in fashion.

BOGEY – An unidentified aircraft.

BOMBSHELL – 1. Evacuate quickly. 2. Run.

BONED OUT – Quit, chickened-out, left.

BONES MCCOY – A compressed air hypodermic.

BONEY – A corpse.

BOOK – 1. To run away, get out, or leave. 2. A bookmaker’s betting organization.

BOOKIE – One who takes bets and “makes book”.

BOOST – To shoplift or steal.

BOOSTER – Any member of a gang that effects cyberware, leather clothing, and random violence.

BOPPER – A hit man.

BORIS – A very large powered armor, esp. Russian-made.

BORYOKUDAN – (Jap.) Literally, violence groups. Used by Japanese police to refer to Yakuza.

BOSOZOKU – (Jap.) Motorcycle and hot-rod gangs, a prime source of Yakuza recruits.

BOURGIE – Common, low class. Also “Bourgy”. (adj., from bourgeoisie).

BRAIN BUCKET – A motorcycle helmet.

BRAINDANCE – A direct connection to a virtual reality via neural link. Used for recreation, criminal rehabilitation, and training exercises. Also called “SimStim”, or “Simulated Stimulation”.

BRAIN POTATO – A braindance addict.

BREAK – To run or get away.

BREAK-DOWN – A shotgun.

BREATHE VAC – To run out of air.


BROWNIE – A traffic cop.

BUG – A listening device or wire.

BULL – 1. A prison guard. 2. A police officer.

BULLET – One year in custody.

BULLSEYE – A light tatoo on any exposed skin.

BURN – 1. To shoot, esp with a laser. 2. To electrocute.

BURNER – A laser beam splitter.

BUSTING CAPS – Firing a weapon.


BUTTONHEAD – A person addicted to stimulating the pleasure centers through interface sockets.

BUTTON MAN – Someone who selects or points out the job.

CAIN – A traitor, a backstabber.

CALL GIRL – A high-priced prostitute.

CANDLE AND BLOOD – Initiation into the mafia.

CAR-B-QUE – A vehicle fire.

CAVALRY – Police reinforcements.

CELL – A small group unit, isolated from others in the same organization.

CHAOL – To be tough; a real stud.

CHARLIE’S ANGEL – A female officer.

CHATTER BOX – A machine gun.

CHERRY PICKING – (Motorcyclist) When an expert rider enters a lower-division race to score an easy win.

CHICKEN-FEED – Real but non-critical information.

CHILLED – To be cool; to be together.

CHIMPIRA – (Jap.) Derived from the Japanese word for “penis”; it is used on the street as Americans might use the word “prick”.

CHIPPIN’ IN – 1. To buy cyberware for the first time. 2. To cast your lot with a group. 3. To connect with a machine.

CHIV – Knife. Also “shiv.”

CHOMBATTA (CHOOMBA) – Neo-Afro-American slang for a friend or a family member.

CHOOH2 (“CHOO”) – Streetslang for alcohol, as used in vehicle power plants.

CHOOH-HEAD – Wild or undisciplined personnel or civilians (historically connected to “beer drinking rednecks”).

CHOP – A credchip.

CHOPPING – The process of cracking stolen credchips.

CHRISTMAS BUNDLES – Large sums of money.

CHROMER – 21st century heavy metal rock fan.

CHROMATIC ROCK – A type of heavy metal characterized by heavy electronics, simple rythms, and violent lyrics.

CHUNKING – Eating on the run, or eating as a secondary activity.

CLANDESTINE – An operation where an effort is made to conceal both the operation and the identity of the patron. The object is that the target should not even know of an operation.

CLEANER – Someone who specializes in “sanitizing”.


COBBERS – Your buddies or members of your work gang.

COLD TEA – Alcohol.

COLLARBOY -(derogatory) 1. A white collar worker. 2. An Orbital employee. 3. An Orbital fellow-traveller.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE -Civillian casualties.

COMBAT DRUGS -Any one of a series of designer drugs created to increase speed, stamina, and reflexes.

CONFIG -To arrange something, as in, “I configged to dock with her.”


CONTRACT -Hired to kill.

CONVERSION -A full cyborg conversion.

COP OUT -To quit.

COPSHOP -Police station.

CORPSE -A corporate, an executive, a CORPorate Sleasiness Expert.

COUNTRY CLUB -A minimum security facility.

COVERT -An operation where an effort is made to conceal the identity of the patron, not the operation itself.

COWBOY -A Netrunner.

CREASED -Killed.

CRISPY CRITTER -Anyone killed or wounded by incendiaries.

CRITICAL -A bad-news term, referring to failure of equipment, or the tactical breakdown of a military scenario.

CROAK -To kill.

CROAKER – A doctor.

CRYO MAX – A contemporary fashion based on 19th century Russian Romantic dress (cossack boots, colorful sashes, brocaded dolmans, etc) mixed with high-tech accreations, such as cybertech.

CRYSTAL – 1. A liquid crystal computer matrix. 2. Anything, such as an artificial intelligence, cybertech, or even software, using or operated by an LC matrix.

CRYSTALJOCKEY, CRYSTALJOCK – A computer user, a netrunner.


CUT-OUT – A go-between, used for security in a covert op.

C-YA – Used as, and sounds like, “See ya,” stands for “Cover Your Ass”.

CYBERED UP – To get as much cyberware implanted as possible before you go over the Edge.

CYLONS – Corporate security officers.

DATA TERM – A streetcorner information machine with a screen, ‘Net inputs, and keyboard.

D.C.’S – Federal officers.

DEAD RECKONING – Navigating without instruments.

DEB – A pre-operation transexual.

DECKHEAD – A netrunner.

DELTA – (U.S. Slang) A smuggling aircraft.

DELTA’D – To make maximum speed towards a place.

DELTAJOCK – A Delta pilot; and air smuggler.


DEMUKAI – (Jap.) The Yakuza prison-release ceremony.

DENIABLE PERSON – Someone hired so that a government or organization can disavow any knowledge of that person or his activities if something goes wrong later.

DERM – A slap patch used to administer contact drugs.

DESK JOCKEY – A white collar guy.

DIAMOND SEASON – Warm weather.

DIDDY BOPPING – Carelessly walking.

DIED OF THE MEASLES – A murder victim made to look as if he died of natural causes.

DIP – A pickpocket.

DIRTGIRL – (derogatory Orbital slang) An Earth woman.

DIRTY – 1. To possess drugs or be under the influence. 2. Low-tech(derogatory), as in pencils, paper, walking, etc.

DISK – Record, recording, or a laser disk.

DISPOSABLE – Something or someone who can be sacrificed if necessary to accomplish a mission.

D.M.Z. – De-Militarized Zone.

DO – To kill.

DO A GHOST – To leave the scene of a crime.

DOCK – 1. To meet someone. 2. To have sex.

‘DORPH – Streetslang for synthetic endorphins, a designer drug that increases healing powers, limits fatigue, and produces a “rush” similar to a second wind.

DOUBLE-DEUCE – A .22 caliber gun.

DOUGHBOY/GIRL – Someone who is wearing too much armor.

DOWNTIME – Free time, time off the job.

DRAGA – (Hung.) Expensive.

DRAGON PISS – Any oriental beer.

DREAM TIME – Jail time in braindance.

DROP – 1. Receiver of stolen goods. 2. To kill.

DROP A DIME – To snitch on someone.

DROP OUT – Go back to Earth or Luna.

DRYING OUT – Abstaining from alcohol.

EASY RIDER – Someone who travels a lot.

EEL – An escape artist.

ENFORCER – Someone who carries out or enforces instructions of a criminal boss, usually through physical intimidation.

EXEC – A corporate executive.

EXOTIC – A human bio-sculpted with non-human elements; fur, long ears, fangs, etc.

EXTRACTION – 1. The removal of a team from its area of operations. 2. A corporate kidnapping.

‘FACE (also, FACE, EYE-FACE, I-FACE) – The Interface. Jacking into the ‘Net.

FALSE FLAG – To make an operative think he is working for one individual, group, or organization, when he is in reality working for another completely different person, group, or organization.

FAUST – A netrunner who deals in, or with, A.I.’s.

FEDS – Federal officers.

FENCE – Someone who buys and sells stolen goods.

FILTER – A gas mask.

FINGER – To point out or identify.

FINI – To finish; to be done with.

FIRELANE – The clear area a weapon can put its shots into.

FIX – 1. A dose of a drug. 2. To bribe.

FLAG – A warning.

FLATBACKER – A prostitute.

FLATLINE – To kill. A dead person or thing.

FLETCHER – A flechette pistol, SMG, or rifle.

FLIC – (Fren.) Police.

FLUTTERED – Given questioning under polygraph.

FODDER – Derogatory term for solos.

FOUR-FIVE – A .45 caliber gun.


FRAG – To kill, usually with explosives.

FREETIME – Time off the job, time off duty.

FRY – To electrocute.

F.U.B.A.R. – Fucked Up Beyond All Repair.

FUGAZI – Fucked up or screwed up.

GAIJIN – (Jap.) An alien, an outsider, a barbarian.

GAP – To pull ahead of another rider/driver.

GAT – A firearm.

GATO – (Span.) A smooth operator, a cool person.

GEEK – To kill.

GEISHA – (Jap.) Japan’s professional female entertainers.

GET DIRTY – To be arrested, or otherwise harassed by police.

GETTING LACEY – From the drug Black Lace; used to describe fighting in a berserk manner.

GEWALT – (Germ.) Violence.

GIBSON – A prophet; someone who tells the future. A psychic.

GIRI – (Jap.) Closest translation is debt or obligation, but the concept entails much more. Often used with the word “ninjo” by Yakuza to describe the basis for their ‘honorable’ traditions.

GO LEO – To make a trip into Low Earth Orbit; ie, to visit one of the inner space stations.

GOMI – (Jap.) Trash, junk, or garbage.

GONK – An idiot, fool, schmuck.

GRAB GEE – To spend time in a gravity field.

GRAV or GEE – 1. Gravity. 2. Weight. 3. A measure of importance.

GRAVEROBBER – Someone who sells illicit body parts.

GRIFTER – A con artist.

GUMI – (Jap.) A suffix denoting association, company or gang, commonly used by both Yakuza groups and construction firms.

GURENTAI – (Jap.) Ruffian or hoodlum.

GYRO – Small one or two man helicopters, used mostly in police work and corporate strike operations.

HAND CANNON – Any handgun in the 12mm and up range.

HANDLE – A nickname; a working name you are known by on the street.

HANGING PAPER – Passing bad checks.

HARD – 1. A flattering term, like cool, hip, tough, etc. 2. A target wearing an exoskeleton. 3. Any heavily armored object or position.

HARDFIRE – Streetslang for the Owari chemical trigger.

HARD TIME – Jail time in state prison.

HARNESS – A uniform.

H.E. – High Explosive.

HEAD HUNTER – A female who does sexual acts for drugs.

HEART – A liquid crystal matrix.

HEAT – Police pressure.

HEATER – A gun.

HEATWAVE – A police crackdown.

H.E.D.P. – High Explosive, Dual Purpose.

HEXED – 1. Having cyber-psychosis. 2. Being obsessed with the ‘Net.

HIGH – To be on drugs.

HIT – To kill.

HOB – An international-style popular music, combining Western dance music with Afro/Arab and Asian rhythms, themes, and modes.

HOLDING DOWN – 1. Controlling turf or area. 2. Drawing a weapon and aiming it.

HOME PLATE – Your home or pad.

HOOK UP – To get traction.

HOSHO KAISHA – (Jap.) “Security Companies”. Hired muscle and rent-a-cops.

HOTDOGGER – (derogatory) Inexperienced netrunners.

HYDRO – Street-slang for hydrogen fuel, used to power a sizable number of vehicles in the 2000’s.

I.C.E. – Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics. Programs that keep databases secure.

ICEBREAKER – A program designed to overcome I.C.E..

INDIE – Independent, self-employed, underground.

INFO BRO – An information broker.

INJUN COUNTRY – Enemy territory.

INPUT – Girlfriend.

INSERTION – Delivery of a group to its target.

IN THE HUNT – (Motorcyclist) To be a strong contender.

JACK – Money.

JAM – 1. To hurt. 2. To mess up. 3. To have sex with.

-JOCKEY, -JOCK – A person with technical skills of a high order.

JOHATSU – (jap) “The Disappeared People” or, literally, “evaporated”.

JOYBOY – Male prostitute.

JOYGIRL – Female prostitute.

KAI – (Jap.) A suffix denoting association or society, often used in gang names.

KEYBOARD – Street-slang for a computer interface deck with manual keys. Also, a terminal.

KIBBLE – A produced food product resembling dry dog or cat food, hence the name.

KIDNAPPER VAN – A van with no windows on the sides or rear.

KILL ZONE – 1. The body areas where a weapon used will kill its target. 2. The area of maximum destruction in an ambush situation.

KLEPTOID – A thief or prowler.

KLICK – Kilometer.

KNIFE FIGHT – A hot and heavy fight with an enemy aircraft at close quarters.

KOBUN – (Jap.) 1. “Child Role,” used in conjunction with “oyabun” (“Parent Role”) to connote the familial relationship within most Yakuza gangs. 2. Member of a Yakuza clan.

KRANSTON MANEUVER – To become spacesick to the point of vomiting.

KURUMAKU – (Jap.) Literally, black curtain, a term from traditional Kabuki theater. Now used to denote a behind-the-scenes fixer, godfather, or powerbroker.

L.A.M.A. – Los Angeles Metropolitan Axis.

LANDING HOT – Landing with a damaged vehicle.

LASSIE – A robohound.

L.E.DIV. – Refers to the National Law Enforcement Division of the CIA. It springs from an amalgamation of the FBI and the DEA with the CIA.

LEGIT – Legal.

LINEFOOT – Nomad slang for anyone who isn’t a nomad.

LITEJACK – A type of popular music/performance art in which multiple instruments are played, through the Face, by one person.

LIT UP – To be shot at.

LIZ – A police patrol.

L.P. – Licensed Prostitute. A legal prostitute. Also called “Lolly Pops” by police.

MAKE – 1. To obtain something. 2. To detect.

MAKING BANK – To make money, usually illegally.

MAN – Cop, policeman.

MARK – (gang) A want-to-be gang member.

MATCHBOX – A sleep cube or coffin.

MAXIMUM, MAX – Good, superlative.

MEATBALL – Someone augmented with grafted muscle.

MEAT PUPPET – A prostitute whose consciousness is wired into a braindance/simstim unit while customers have sex with her.

METALHEAD – A full ‘borg conversion.

THE METRO – The underground.

MIKE-MIKE – Millimeter.

MINI GRIN – Slang for a mini-grenade launcher.

MINIMUM – Bad, sorrowful.

MIZU SHOBAI – (Jap.) “Water Business” or “Water Trades”, meaning nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and related businesses.

MOB – An organized crime syndicate.

MOLDED – Embarassed.

MONKEY – Someone using ACPA who is not well trained to do so.

MOTOR – (Motorcyclist) To outpower another rider.

MOUTHPIECE – A lawyer.

MR. JOHNSON – Refers to any anonymous employer or corporate agent.

MR. WHO – A name for an employer, or someone in higher authority.

MUDBOY – (derogatory Oribital slang) An Earth man.

MULE – 1. One who transports drugs. 2. A courier.

MUNDANE – Netrunner slang for anyone who isn’t a netrunner.

MUSHI – (Jap.) Computer glitch, or bug.

NEH? – (Jap.) Expression meaning, “Right?”, tacked onto the end of a sentence.

NETRUN – To interface with the ‘Net and use it to hack into Data Fortresses.

NEUTRALIZE – Kill. Assassinate.

NINER – A nine millimeter gun.

NINJO – (Jap.) Compassion or empathy. Often used with “giri,” obligation, to describe Japanese conflict between one’s duty and one’s feelings; a central theme in Japanese literature. Both are favorite terms of traditional Yakuza.

NIPPERS – Handcuffs.

N.O.E. – Nap-Of-the-Earth flying. Flying as low as possible to avoid radar.

NUDIE – Personnel targets without ACPA or exoskeletons.

ONE LARGE – A one hundred dollar bill.

OP – Operation.

ORGANISKAYA – (Rus.) The Russian Mafia.

OUTPUT – Boyfriend.

OVERCOOK – To go too fast.

OVERT – An operation where no attempt is made to conceal the operation or the identity of the patron.

OVER THE SHOULDER – Any shoulder-mounted weapon.

OYABUN – (Jap.) 1. “Parent Figure”, used with kobun to describe the familial relationship within the gang. Somewhat similar to the use of “godfather” in the West. 2. Head of a Yakuza clan.

P.A. – Powered Armor.

PACKIN’ – To have a gun in your possession.

PAD – Living quarters.


PAINT BOYS – The Yakuza.

PANZER – 1. An armored smuggling hovercraft. 2. Any ground effect combat vehicle.

PANZERBOY – 1. The driver of a panzer. 2. A smuggler.

PAPERHANGER – A counterfeit money passer.

PARANOID – Someone who has all the facts.

PASSTIME – Free time, time off the job.

PASTA BOYS – The Mafia.

PETER – A vault or safe.

PETERMAN – A safecracker.

PIG – A police officer.

PIGEONS – Friendly aircraft.

PIG ON A WHEEL – A motorcycle officer.

PINCH – To arrest.

PINEAPPLE – A bomb, esp. a grenade.

PISS TUBE – A mortar.

PLASTIC – Fake; not real.

PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY – Being able to claim that you didn’t do it, or even know anything about it, when you really do and the facts look like you don’t.

PLAY DOUGH – Plastic explosives.

PLAYER – A big time criminal.

PLUGGED IN – On life support.

POLYMER ONE-SHOT – Any cheap, plastic pistol, usually in the five to six millimeter range.

POP CAPS – To shoot at someone.

POPSICLE – A frozen corpse, usually found in a drifting space wreck.

PORKY – Someone who loves or collects weapons; a “porcupine”.

POSERGANG – Any group whose members affect a specific look, or bodysculpt job.

POST TIME – Time to start.

PRAYING MANTIS – A drug dealer who specializes in selling to minors.

PROLES – The lower class, streetscum.

PUKE – To blow an engine.

PULL AN ASH – To give the wrong password or code.

PULLING TEETH – Interrogating, esp. with torture.

PUPPETS – Street gang members who have, overtly or covertly, sold out to a major corporation or organised crime syndicate.

QUIFF – A prostitute.

RABBI – A protector.

RACK – A bed or cot.

RAD – 1. Radiation. 2. A dose of radiation.

RAFFLES – A burglar.

RAGS – Clothes.

RAT – 1. To inform. 2. An informer.

RAM – Personality.

READING – To detect and/or scan, similar to “acquire”.

REALITY JUNKIES – Addicts of virtual reality, braindance, the ‘Net, or video games.

RECONFIG – To kill with a knife.

RECYCLING – Environmentally friendly act of killing someone and taking their corpse to a body bank.

‘RICAIN – An American (french slang).

RIMBO – A gun-toting sex kitten (a rambo/bimbo).

RIN TIN TIN – A robohound, especially a police K9.

RIPPERDOC – Surgeon specializing in implanting illegal cyberware.

ROCKERBOY/GIRL – A musician or performer who uses his or her art to make political or social statements. Rockerboys are not the same as “Rock Stars”, who are usually “owned” by recording mediacorps and are apolitical.

ROCK ‘N ROLL – Firing a weapon on full automatic.

ROLL UP – To capture.

RONIN – (Jap.) 1. A freelance assassin or mercenary. Usually considered to be untrustworthy. 2. A masterless samurai.

ROUST – To be hassled by police.

RUNNING THE LINE – Panzerboy slang for carrying contraband from one place to another.

SAINT NICK – A benefactor.

SAMURAI – (Jap.) 1. A corporate assassin or mercenary hired to protect corporate property or to make strikes against other corporate holdings. 2. Mercenary or muscle for hire. Implies honor code.

SANCTION – Kill, assassinate.

SANITIZE – To remove all identifying marks, fingerprints, etc.

SARARIMAN – (jap) From “salary man”. A corporate employee.

SARAKIN – (jap) “Salary man financiers,” or more appropriately, loan sharks.

SARDINE – A powered armor trooper.

S.A.S. – Space Adaptation Syndrome. Space sickness.

S.C.O.P. – Acronym for Single Cell Organic Protien, a kind of mass produced food product.

SCRATCH – Money.

SCREAMSHEET – A slick, flimsy newspaper printed at a dataterm.

SCREW – A prison guard.

SETTLE – To kill.

SHADES – Sunglasses.

SHAIKUJIN – (jap) “Honest Citizen”. A corporate employee.

SHANK – A knife.

SHARK – A loan shark.

SHOEMAKER – One who forges fake identification.

SHOES – Fake identification.

SIERRA HOTEL – Shit Hot. A real pro.

SIMSTIM – Simulated Stimulation. Another term for braindance.

S.I.N. – 1. Single Identification Number. 2. State Identification Number.

SING – To confess or inform on others.

SITREP – Situation Report; how you are doing.

SKELETON – All the collected electronic records kept on a person; their electronic identity.

SKIP – To leave.

SKY PILOT – A chaplain/priest.

SLAMMIT ON – 1. To get violent. 2. To attack someone without reason.

SLEEPER – Potential operative kept on tap for future use.

SLICK – Slang for any transport helicopter.

S.N.A.F.U. – Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.

SNAKE – Slang for any attack helicopter.

SOLO – A mercenary; someone who fights for money.

SO KA – (Jap.) I understand.

SOKAIYA – (Jap.) “General Meeting Specialists,” Japan’s unique breed of financial racketeers. Professional extortionists and strong-arm thugs who traditionally prey on shareholders meetings, but are now diversified into wide areas of organized crime.

SOLAR WIND – Hot air, ie, something that is pretty much bullshit.

SOUNDS – Music.

SPILL – 1. To spend money. 2. To confess or inform on others.

SPOOK – Any intelligence or espionage agent.

SQUEEZE – To put pressure on.

SQUID – (Motorcyclist) An unskilled rider who rides too fast.


THE STREET – Wherever you live, late at night. The subculture, the underground.

STICKS – Beat cops.

STUFFIT – 1. To have sex. 2. To forget something.

SUCKER POCKETS – Pockets on the outside of garments.

SVOLUCH – (Rus.) Someone without honor, a bastard.

TAKE – The money a corrupt policeman takes, as in “on the take”.

TAKE A CAB – To leave.

TAKING SAKE – Working for Japanese business or criminal concerns.

TAKE OUT – To murder.

TECHNICAL PENETRATION – The use of mechanical/electrical information gathering.

TEKIYA – (Jap.) Street stall operators and peddlers.

THATCH – A type of psychotic killer.

THIRDMAN – A middleman, often in the smuggler or criminal underground.

THRASH – (Motorcyclist) To crash.

THREADING THE NEEDLE – Flying through gaps in air defense radar.


TIGER TEAM – Computer experts that test system security by attempting penetration.

TIN CAN – A suit of powered armor.

TORCH – To start a fire, usually arson.

TORPEDO – A gunman or killer.

TOYSTORE – Any place, legit or not, that deals in guns.

TRAFFIC – (Motorcyclist) Groups of slower riders.

TREY-EIGHT – A .38 caliber gun.

TRIADS – Chinese organized crime syndicates.

TRIPLE A – Anti-Aircraft Artillery.

TWIST-TIES – Stripwire binders.

UN-ASS – To leave, to get away.

UNDER THE PAINT – (Motorcyclist) Tucking close to the motorcycle’s gas tank to reduce wind resistance.

UP ON IT – To have knowledge of the drug scene.

USER INTERFACE – Anything used to snort, inject, or otherwise apply drugs.

VENICE – Any part of a flooded coastal city.

VIDIOT – A virtual reality or video game addict.

V.R. – Virtual Reality.

VRCADE – Virtual reality, braindance, and vid-game arcade or parlor.

WALKABOUT – To go outside of a pressure dome or ship; to go EVA.

WASHED – Refers to money that has been channeled through an intermediary to conceal its source.

WASTE – To kill.

WEEFLE – (derogatory) An inexperienced netrunner.

WETWORK – Assassination.

WHACK – To kill.

WHIPLASH – A pulse laser. So called because of the weapon’s whip-like crack when it is fired.

WILLY PETER – White phosphorus.

WILSON – (derogatory) 1. Netrunner slang for someone who you consider stupid, crazy, or a screw-up.

WIRE ROOM – A bookie’s place.

WISE GUYS – The Mafia.

WRAITH – 1. A sniper. 2. A stealth aircraft.

YONO – (Kor.) A person who is scum, lowlife (from Yonomoseki).

YUBITSUME – (Jap.) The ritual act within the Yakuza of slicing the joint off the little finger to atone for a mistake.

ZEROED – To die. To be killed.

ZIP GUN – A homemade firearm.

ZOMBIE – A nihilist.

ZONEDANCE – Dancing turned into a dominance game. The dancer tries to persuade, by charisma, talent, or violence, other dancers within his zone to conform to his movements. Challenging because other dancers are often listening to other music via cyberaudio.

Abbreviations: gang – used mostly by gangs; Jap. – Japanese; motorcyclist – used mostly by cycle racers and go-gangs; cop – used primarily by law enforcment; Span. – Spanish; Hung. – Hungarian; Germ. – German; Rus. – Russian; Kor. – Korean; Fren. – french.

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